Providing support for the difficult times

Loneliness is becoming an ever growing problem and with an aging population and family breakdown many people are finding themselves in this position. Assist was "birthed" when talking to local doctors and the issue that came up time and time again was loneliness and isolation

How do we work?

People are struggling in all sorts of ways and Assist began when people from the churches in Cherry Willingham, Fiskerton and Reepham wanted to make a difference in peoples lives. Our aim is to empower people and support people through their difficulties so that they can get "back on their feet." Our remit is very wide and it is very difficult to pin down in a few words all the things that we can do but we are always happy for you to enquire and if we can't help we will find someone who can.

Our team


With a background in education and finance Jenny has been involved in developing community services from day one of Assist.

Jenny is the project co-ordinator and responsible for the overall delivery of the Assist service


With a skills in exercise therapy, music and more Adele has a proven track record working alongside those who live with dementia and delivering into wellbeing settings.

Adele is lead project worker and facilitates Cherry Chums and The Gathering Place. 

As well as the two project leads there are a raft of volunteers.
Without the volunteers giving up their valuable time and skills nothing that Assist does would be possible.

Have you considered being a volunteer?