The Gathering Place - Wellbeing space

The Gathering Place is open every Wednesday in term-time from1 pm - 3 pm at the Vine Centre (library) in Cherry Willingham.

About the Gathering Place

A place to just be

We provide FREE refreshments & snacks and time for you to simply breathe in a relaxing environment. Easy Listening quiet musi

A place to talk or not

if you need to talk then we'll be there for you, and if you don't feel like talking but just want to be around people then do join us and we'll honour your need for quiet reflection

A place to do

Arts & crafts, guided meditations, relaxing exercises and more will be available each week or bring your favourite book and sit and read. Bring a hobby & share a hobby! Everyone is very welcome!

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

– Aesop